Heartland History

Heartland History is the official podcast of the Midwestern History Association. Produced by Dana Brown, Heartland History features interviews with leaders in Midwestern studies from scholars, writers, and other professionals with a unique angle on the nation's heartland.

Episode 41: Kathryn Remlinger, Professor of English & Linguistics at Grand Valley State University

Episode 40: Liesl Olson, Director of Chicago Studies, Newberry Library

Episode 39: Steve Paul, Author of Hemingway at Eighteen: The Pivotal Year that Launched an American Legend

Episode 38: Melissa Fraterrigo, Author of Glory Days

Episode 37: John Kenyon, Director, Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature

Episode 36: Mark Soderstrom, Professor of History, SUNY Empire State College

Episode 35: Tricia Oman, Professor, Hastings College; Director, Hastings College Press

Episode 34: Bethel Saler, Associate Professor of History, Haverford College

Episode 33: Matthew E. Stanler, Professor of History, Albany State Universty

Episode 32: Bruce Bigelow, Professor of Geography, History, and Anthropology, Butler University

Episode 31: Greg Dowd, Professor of History, Michigan University

Episode 30: Jeffrey Swenson, Hiram College

Episode 29: Matt Pehl, Assistant Professor of History, Augustana University

Episode 28: David Page, Retired English Professor and F. Scott Fitzgerald Scholar

Episode 27: Andrew Jewell, Professor of Digital Projects at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

Episode 26: Scott Atkinson, Editor-in-Chief of Belt Magazine

Episode 25: Dr. Harry Thompson, Executive Director, The Center for Western Studies at Augustana University

Episode 24: Patrick Kerin, The Buckeye Muse

Episode 23: Jonathan Kasparek, Associate Professor of History at University of Wisconsin, Waukesha

Episode 22: Nancy Berlage, Professor of History at Texas State University

Episode 21: Dr. Christopher Philips - Professor of History, University of Cincinnati

Episode 20: Philip Greasley, Associate Professor of English, University of Kentucky

Episode 19: Dr. Silvana Saddali, Associate Professor, St. Louis University

Episode 18: Dr. Michael C. Steiner, Emeritus Professor of American Studies, Cal State Fullerton

Episode 17: Dr. Larry Lockridge

Episode 16: Jon Lauck speaks with Adam Arenson, Professor of History, Manhattan College

Episode 15: Jon Lauck speaks with Steve Hahn, author of A Nation without Borders

Episode 14: Jon Lauck speaks with James Connolly, Director of the Center for Middletown Studies and Professor of History at Ball State University

Episode 13: Jon Lauck speaks with Marvin Bergman, State Historical Society of Iowa and Editor, The Annals of Iowa

Episode 12: Jon Lauck speaks with Jon Butler, Professor Emeritus of American Studies, History, and Religious Studies at Yale University

Episode 11: Jon Lauck speaks with Denis Gardner, Minnesota Historical Society and National Register of Historic Places

Episode 10: Jon Lauck speaks with David Grabitske, Field Services Manager, Minnesota Historical Society

Episode 9: Jon Lauck speaks with Jennifer Barker-Devine, Associate Professor of History, Illinois College

Episode 8: Jon Lauck speaks with Paul Stone, Professor of History at the University of Minnesota / Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Episode 7: Jon Lauck speaks with Kevin Ehrman-Solberg, Web Developer and GIS Director for Historyapolis

Episode 6: Jon Lauck speaks with Bill Green, Professor of History at Augsburg College and Vice President of the Minnesota Historical Society

Episode 5: Jon Lauck speaks with Michael Lansing, Chair of the Department of History at Augsburg College

Episode 4: Jon Lauck speaks with Caitlyn Perry Dial, Interim Director, The Michigan Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame

Episode 3: Jon Lauck speaks with David Brodnax, Professor of History at Trinity Christian College.

Episode 2: Jon Lauck speaks with Andrew Seal, doctoral candidate in American Studies at Yale University.

Episode 1: Jon Lauck speaks with James Madison, Professor Emeritus at Indiana University and dean of Indiana historians.