Middle West Review seeks applications for two positions: Associate Editor and Book Review Editor. An Associate Editor performs a range of tasks, including shepherding manuscripts, managing the peer review process, and editing manuscripts. The Book Review Editor manages the selection of books to review, the circulation of books to review, and the editing of book reviews. Interested parties should submit a letter of application and a CV to Jeff Wells by May 20, 2019 at wellsrjd@unk.edu

The Middle West Review is a scholarly journal published by the University of Nebraska Press.  Although the Midwestern History Association and the Middle West Review operate independently of one another, the MHA is pleased to be able to partner with the University of Nebraska Press to provide members with the option of a discounted journal subscription as part of the membership package. Please visit the following website for additional information: http://unp-bookworm.unl.edu/product/Midwest-History-Association,678087.aspx