Agenda for Meeting of the MHWG/MHA, October 11, 2014

  1. Discussion of the creation of MHA

  2. Discussion and adoption of MHA By-Laws

  3. Election of Officers

    1. President

    2. President-Elect

    3. Secretary

    4. Board of Directors

  4. New Business

    1. Next meeting (OAH, 2015)

    2. Meeting room at OAH/15

    3. Annual meeting at OAH/15

    4. Subsequent meeting (WHA, 2016)

    5. Meeting room at WHA/16

    6. Annual meeting at WHA/16

    7. Panels at WHA/16

    8. Subsequent meeting (MVHA, 2017)

    9. Naming of Prize Committee for 2013 publications

    10. Naming of Prize Committee for 2014 publications

    11. Promotion of Middle West Review

    12. _____

    13. _____

    14. _____


Motion: to elect board of directors for MHA based on MHWG board of directors:


Midwestern History Working Group Board of Directors

Michael Allen, University of Washington-Tacoma

Jon Butler, Yale University

Andrew Cayton, Miami University

Catherine Cocks, University of Iowa Press 

John Hudson, Northwestern University

Zachary Michael Jack, North Central College

Richard Jensen, Montana State University-Billings

James Madison, Indiana University

Melissa Marsh, Editorial Assistant, Center for Great Plains Studies

Paula Nelson, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

David Pichaske, Southwest Minnesota State University

Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, Iowa State University

James Seaton, Michigan State University

Greg Schneider, Emporia State University

Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University