The origins of the Midwestern History Association can be traced to a meeting in the town of Hudson, Wisconsin in the fall of 2013.  In conjunction with a meeting of the Northern Great Plains History Conference, which featured a panel discussion on the need to revive Midwestern history, Jon Lauck called for an informal meeting of anyone interested in discussing the topic of reviving Midwestern history at greater length.  At the resulting meeting in Buckster’s Bar in the convention hotel, a surprisingly large number of historians gathered who endorsed the proposition that Midwestern history had been neglected and was overdue for a revival.  At the end of the discussion, roughly thirty-five historians voted to form the Midwestern History Working Group, which was designed to promote a discussion of the wisdom of formally creating a new Midwestern history organization.  Over the following year, panels, discussions, and listening sessions were held at several meetings of professional historians.  In the fall of 2014 at the Northern Great Plains History Conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota during another meeting of the Midwestern History Working Group, the assembled historians voted to create the Midwestern History Association, elected MHA’s officers, and adopted by-laws.